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Grand America Company - Not Your Average Junket Company

We provide a level of service & attention to detail that is unmatched by any other junket provider.  Travel with us just once & you’ll see the difference.

We don’t want to be the biggest. We just want to be the best.

Grand America Company was founded in 1987 by Richard Reynolds, who remains as our President to this day.  Richard wanted to create a service for all levels of casino players that enabled them to find the travel options, resources & information they needed to enjoy their hobby to the fullest.

Representing over 40 casinos in the US and abroad, as well as over a dozen major cruise lines, Grand America Company has grown beyond Richard’s wildest dreams.  And with our #1 priority remaining squarely focused on service to the customer, we have managed to stay true to his initial vision while experiencing phenomenal growth over the last 30+ years.

We specialize in providing players with the information & education they need to understand the gaming industry and to know how to get what they have earned through their casino play.  We can help you maximize your play in order to maximize your casino benefits.  In addition to our extensive array of organized casino junkets, we offer personalized casino travel planning so you can travel WHERE you want WHEN you want.  Let us help you arrange the perfect casino adventure, on your schedule!

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Grand America Company Personnel

Richard Reynolds, President

Richard M. Reynolds


Richard founded Grand America Company in 1987 and has utilized a lifetime of business and customer service experience to focus the company on providing the most exceptional level of service found anywhere in the industry. No one has more experience or skill in providing an unparalleled customer experience to our clients. From 1987 to present, Richard has made certain that Grand America Company truly does provide “the very best in casino service.”

Tammy Merritt, Vice President

Tammy Merritt

Vice President

Tammy joined Grand America Company in 1995. She specializes in marketing, VIP junkets, custom casino travel planning and custom cruise services for our clients. Tammy works tirelessly to ensure that every customer’s expectations are not simply met, but exceeded. Her years in the casino industry have made her an expert at customizing personal experiences for our clients and guiding them through the sometimes confusing world of casino benefits.

Sharon Reynolds, Casino Travel Specialist

Sharon Reynolds

Casino Travel Specialist

Sharon has been involved with the company since its’ founding and specializing in our Atlantic City casino charters. She is famous for the exceptional service she provides to all our Atlantic City charter guests. Sharon knows the ins & outs of that market better than anyone in the industry and takes care of our clients’ needs with a level of personalized service that has no equal.

Melissa Yates, Junket Specialist

Melissa Yates

Junket Specialist

Melissa has been with the company since 2012 and is an invaluable asset to our goal of providing exceptional client services. Her genuine desire to be helpful and solve problems comes through in everything she does. Melissa handles all aspects of junket coordination and planning, as well as specializing in cruise bookings for our cruise clients through our family of world-class cruise lines.

Mara Lindner, Motorcoach Specialist

Mara Lindner

Motorcoach Specialist

Mara joined the company in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant. She quickly surpassed that position and was promoted to Motorcoach Specialist in 2016. She possesses remarkable customer service skills and is always happy to help a client with any situation that may arise. Mara focuses on coordination of our luxury motorcoach program, including personally providing concierge services to our motorcoach clients.

Peggy Hennings

Casino Travel Specialist

Peggy joined our company in 2019 as a casino travel specialist, dedicated to our luxury motorcoach junkets to Cherokee. Peggy first began her association with our company as a satisfied customer, with an interest in travel.  Once we met her, we knew she would be a perfect fit for Grand America Company.  She understands the value of superior customer service and that is what she provides to our guests on each & every trip.

Hilda Rudisill, Casino Travel Specialist

Hilda Rudisill

Casino Travel Specialist

Hilda joined the company in 2016 as a customer service specialist, focusing on our luxury motorcoach trips to Cherokee, as well as VIP specialty junkets to other fabulous destinations around the country. She knows Cherokee like the back of her hand (she used to work there) and escorts our Winston-Salem / Greensboro coach each month. We recruited Hilda for her strong client service skills, which exceed even our high expectations every day.